Child Health

Call 999 or go to your local A&E if your child is experiencing any of the following

Severe breathing difficulties - fast breathing with muscle movement under the rib cage and between the ribs, lips turned blue, choking, unable to speak (older children), or grunting (babies)

Severe drowsiness - unconscious or unaware of what is happening around them or unable to wake them up

Severe infections - feverish illness, with a rash that does not fade when you press it or cold, mottled/pale skin

Has had their first fit

Heavy bleeding that won't stop - uncontrollable bleeding from any part of their body

Severe injuries - including deep cuts after a serious accident

Poisoning - they have swallowed something they should not have (medicines, batteries, household chemicals)

Health visitor service

Supporting parents, carers & families of under 5’s

Run by local health visitors who have a wealth of experience of working with mums and dads-to-be, babies, toddlers & young children 

Able to support with questions from parents, carers and families relating to a wide range of health and wellbeing issues including:

  • crying babies
  • infant feeding
  • starting baby on solid foods
  • sleep & behaviour problems
  • signposting to appropriate services & other support

Text 07520 615720

The messages are then delivered to a secure website & a health visitor will be able to provide a response to the text

School nurse team

For children aged 5-19. School nursing is a service that understands the dynamic process of interaction between the child, the family, the child in school, and the child in the community

For more info and how parents or carers can contact please go to Hants/School Nurse

If you are a young person aged 11-19 & have questions relating to; self-harm, relationships, bullying, weight, anxiety, drugs, smoking, stress, body worries, alcohol & sexual health, then send a text

Text 07507 332160

The messages are then delivered to a secure website. Once received, the school nurse will respond to the text within one working day. Available Mon to Fri from 9am-4.30pm (excluding bank holidays)

Your message will be confidential meaning that information you tell them will not be shared with parents, teachers & others without your consent. We will always encourage you to discuss any worries that you have with your parent/ carer

If they are worried about your safety or the safety of others information may need to be shared with your knowledge to keep you safe

When should I worry

Please look at the 'When Should I Worry' menu options. You will be presented various conditions

Depending on your childs symptoms & sign you will be guided if they are classed as red, amber or green:

Red = You need urgent help, go to the nearest Hospital Emergency (A&E) Department or phone 999

Amber = To contact us on 0118 981 4166, stating amber flag. A GP will then call you back. Or call NHS 111

Green = Continue providing your child’s care at home. If you are still concerned about your child, call us on 0118 981 4166, stating green flag or call NHS 111