Child Immunisation Clinics

These are run by the Practice Nurses at Holmwood Health Centre, every Tuesday afternoon between 13:30 and 17:00 

Childrens immunisations
 will continue to take place by appointment only at Holmwood Health Centre between the currently extended hours of 13.30 and 17.00.   It is important that all children attend for their routine immunisatons. We are allowing longer in between appointments to enable social distancing and the nurses will be wearing protective equipment.  We shall do all we can to minimise risk to you or your child.  Please do not bring other children who are not due for vaccination or adults with you to the surgery and ensure you and your child are dressed appropriately as you might be required to wait outside for a while.

Anyone can bring a child in for immunisation but we need signed, written permission from a parent or legal guardian.  An example letter is shown below:


I (parent or guardian name) give permission for (name of person bringing child) to bring (child'sname) for her/his (list immunisations as shown on appointment letter)

Signed (parent or guardian)

Note to parents or guardians of new born babies - please allow at least 4 weeks between the first 3 sets of injections.