Online Access

I Need To Register For Online Access

You must be aged 16 and over & a registered patient with our practice. How to register for online access: 

Via The NHS App

This is the quickest way to get access to your medical record & order your repeat prescription.  You will need a Smart Phone or tablet. 

If you already have online access you can download the NHS App onto your mobile phone and link it to your GP records using your online access account/id number

Via The Practice

You can register via our practice. If you have registered using the NHS app you can activate further features, such as viewing test results, by also registering via the practice

Our team will contact you to check your ID. Please note it may take a few weeks to contact you as the administrative team is focusing on coordinating & booking COVID vaccinations 

Proxy Access

You can apply for Proxy Access to another patient's record if you are their carer or they cannot manage online access themselves 

Access to children's records is usually only provided up to the age of 11 unless special circumstances apply

Key considerations when applying for online access to your records