Medication Review

Review options

If you have Asthma or COPD we may send you a focused questionnaire by text message afterwards 

If you use oral contraception then please complete the 'Contraception Review'. If you take other medication as well then please also complete the general 'Medication Review' 

If we need to discuss further we will contact you by texting, phoning or arranging an appointment 

If you are on diabetic medication & due your annual diabetic review please complete the 'Medication Review Including Your Annual Diabetic Review'. You then will contacted about arranging a blood test & you may need a diabetic foot examination & a diabetic nurse appointment following your blood test 

Preparing for your review

You may need a Blood Test to help complete your review. After your submit your form we will notify you if it is required & when the request is on the system 

We recommend checking your Blood Pressure if you are aged over 40 & especially if you are on blood pressure medication 

We suggest investing in your own blood pressure machine. You can purchase from local pharmacies or online. There is a blood pressure machine in the waiting room at Holmwood Health Centre. Covid-19 hygiene measures will be in place

We recommend providing your latest weight

Please calculate how many units of alcohol your drink