Medication Review

Preparing for your review

Blood Test - After your submit your online form we will notify you if it is required & when the request is on the system or you may have received a text about arranging a blood test already

Blood Pressure - Provide if you are aged over 40 & especially if you are on blood pressure medication

We suggest investing in your own blood pressure machine. You can purchase from local pharmacies or online. There is a blood pressure machine in the waiting room at Holmwood Health Centre

Weight - Digital scale available at Holmwood Health Centre & Morland Surgery 

Alcohol Units - Calculate how many units you drink each week 

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) - Decide if you would like to be considered for automatic issuing of your medication to your pharmacy or dispensary. Click here for more info

After submitting your review

If we need to discuss further we will contact you

You will be notified to arrange a blood test if needed 

We will update your review date. If appropriate we will set up electronic repeat dispensing. This means items you need on a regular monthly basis will automatically go to your nominated pharmacy, without the need for you to order. We will notify you if this is set up

If you have Asthma or COPD we may text you a focused questionnaire