Contraceptive Pill or Patch Review

You will need a recent blood pressure, weight & height reading to complete a pill review. If you are unable to do at home then please go to Holmwood Health Centre to use the machines

You will be asked if you suffer with migraines with aura. To know what aura is please go to Migraine/Aura

Complete a Contraceptive Pill Review

For advice about your contraception please visit: 

If you are also taking other medication please complete a General Medication Review Form as well 

Family Planning

What's right for me? Please visit Contraception Choices

Contact Us Online to request:

  • Insertion or removal of contraceptive implant
  • Insertion or removal of contraceptive coil
  • Starting oral contraception 

Please read the relevant NHS guide as you will need to confirm you have read it when completing your consent form for a coil or implant

Check out the NHS contraception videos