Primary Eye Care Service

eye screening

If you have an acute eye problem then you can see a local optician on an urgent basis. For all ages

FREE service if you are a registered patient at Tadley Medical Partnership (Morland or Holmwood) 

You can self-refer, without needing a GP appointment. What is covered: 

  • Blurred vision 
  • Eye pain or discomfort 
  • Red eye
  • Dry eye/gritty/itchy/watery 
  • Recent sticky discharge from eye
  • Something in your eye
  • Emergency contact lens removal
  • In growing eyelash 
  • A recent or sudden increase of flashers or floaters in your vision 
  • Lumps and bumps in the vicinity of the eye 

Not covered and should present to A&E

  • Complete loss of vision 
  • Significant trauma to your eye 
  • Chemical injury or burn 

Please call the primary eye care service on 0300 303 4922 (Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm)

You will be helped remotely or if needed booked in with an optician on the NHS

If you have an issues getting through on the number you can contact our local opticians directly:

Optimum Vision Clinic, The Falcon Garage, Burghfield Road, Tadley, RG26 4QY :  0118 981 0267

Leightons Opticians, Franklin Avenue, Tadley, RG26 4ET : 0118 981 2250