See Your Local Optician For Your Acute Eye Problem

Primary Eyecare Assessment and Referral Service (PEARS)

If you have an acute eye problem then you can see a local optician on an urgent basis. For all ages

FREE service if you are a registered patient at Tadley Medical Partnership (Morland or Holmwood Health Centre) 

You can self-refer, without needing a GP appointment. What is covered: 

  • Blurred vision 
  • Eye pain or discomfort 
  • Red eye
  • Dry eye/gritty/itchy/watery 
  • Recent sticky discharge from eye
  • Something in your eye
  • Emergency contact lens removal
  • In growing eyelash 
  • A recent or sudden increase of flashers or floaters in your vision 
  • Lumps and bumps in the vincinty of the eye 

Not covered and should present to A&E

  • Complete loss of vision 
  • Significant trauma to your eye 
  • Chemical injury or burn 

Accredited Opticians:


  • Optimum Vision Clinic, The Falcon Garage, Burghfield Road, Tadley, RG26 4QY. 0118 981 0267 

    • Currently work a closed door policy. You can leave a message on their answer phone, they will triage first & get back to you within the hour. If you need to be seen they will arrange an appointment with you 

  • Leightons Opticians, Franklin Avenue, Tadley, RG26 4ET. 0118 981 2250


  • Boots Opticians, 15 Old Basing Mall, Basingstoke, RG21 1LW : 01256 364943

  • Boots Opticians, Unit 16 Festival Place, Basingstoke, RG21 7BE : 01256 474227

  • Leightons Opticians, 9-11 Church Street, Basingstoke, RG21 7QG : 01256 321068

  • Specsavers, 5 Chiswick House, Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7LD: 01256 479429