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Thank you for using the online triage platform which are trialing. To help reduce waiting times for GP appointments sending us an online message can help us triage your request and bring it to the attention of the most appropriate member of the team. This will also free up the phone lines for urgent matters and for patients without online access.

Because there is no cap on the number of messages we receive we have to pause access to the service when we reach our maximum capacity. This may vary each day. We try to get through as many requests as possible. Some may involve calling to have a consultation or inviting for a face-to-face appointment. 

To help improve access to GP consultations we have partnered with Push Doctor to offer NHS GP video consultations. You may recieve a link to arrange an appointment. 

This service is for routine enquires but we have found that urgent matters are being submitted as well. It is not safe to have a build of messages which are not actioned promptly, therefore we have to pause access when we reach our capacity. For urgent matters you can use NHS 111 or call us on 0118 918 4166

We have many self referral services that you may find helpful. For minor ailments nhs/uk is helpful or ask your pharmacist.

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