COVID-19 Vaccination

Dear Patients

As you will know, the Covid vaccination programme is underway and some of our patients have already been able to receive the jab at our vaccination site Hampshire Court Hotel, Chineham. Our staff have been proud to be part of a huge local effort to protect so many people, so quickly.

In time, a vaccine will be available for everyone, but at the moment the clear priority – nationally and for us – is to focus on the most vulnerable first, those aged 80 or over.  If a neighbour or family member is contacted before you, this does not mean you have been forgotten.

Please be reassured that we will be in touch with you when it is your turn. We know that many of you are keen to be vaccinated as soon as possible, but we must ask everyone to be patient – we are not holding reserve stocks of the vaccine and so cannot simply add in extra appointments. Calling or messaging the practice will not get you an appointment more quickly, but it will take our staff away from their other work.

The public have an important part to play to help them do this:

  • please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine, we will contact you;
  • when we do contact you, please attend your booked appointments;
  • please continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives.

For information about the vaccine please visit NHS/Coronavirus Vaccine 

For information about why you have to wait for your vaccine please visit

To ensure that when it is your turn to be invited for a Covid vaccination we can quickly get in touch please update your details so you will not miss out.

If you are not a registered patient with our practice and live in our area then please register now, otherwise you will not be contacted.


Update 15.1.21
We are getting many enquiries from patients wanting to know where they are on the list. Unfortunately we cannot answer that question. There are 11,000 patients in the 80 and over cohort in the 22 GP practices in Basingstoke and surrounding area. Teams are working very hard contacting these patients as the vaccine becomes available.

Update 19.1.21
As large Vaccination Centres are being opened nearer to us, more patients aged 80 and over are receiving letters from the NHS Covid 19 Vaccination Booking Service offering them the ability to book at one of these centres.  If you get such a letter feel free to book but you will have to return to the same centre for your second vaccination. (around 12 weeks later)

If you prefer, you can wait to receive a text or telephone invite for the local GP led vaccination centre (Hampshire Court Hotel, Chineham).  You cannot mix and match.  Wherever you have your first vaccination is where you must return for the second.  Only patients who have received a letter are able to book either online or by using the telephone number on the letter.  Please do not call the surgery.

Some people who are housebound or live in a care home and who can’t get to local vaccination centre may have to wait for supply of the right type of vaccine. This is because only some vaccines can be transported between people’s homes.

Update 16.2.21
If you are 70 or over and haven't had an invite or have not taken up the offer please use the online booking service, call 119 or contact us. Bear in mind our telephones are extremely busy and you will be quicker booking online but we are happy to help if you are having difficulty.


Covid Vaccine

Flu Vaccination

To see if you are eligible for the Flu Vaccine please visit NHS/Flu-vaccine

We are now accepting bookings for patients aged 50 to 64. Call 0118 981 4166 or use online access if you have an account

Practice Update

We expect that the winter months, and the ongoing pandemic, will pose many challenges to the healthcare system. We will be operating slightly differently, to help keep patients andstaff safe, and to allow all patients to continue to get the support and care they need

Direct booking for a GP face-to-face appointment has be suspended. We are now using a total triage model for GP appointment requests. We hope our new service will allow you to contact a GP quicker, getting help and advice from the most appropriate member of our team. We would like to reassure you that after consulting with a health professional we will arrange a face-to-face appointment if needed

Select the appointment options above. You will be given option of different services available and the best way to access. There are many services you can refer yourself without needing to contact a GP

To contact us online please visit 'Contact Us Online'

As COVID cases rise there is a chance that practice staff will have to take sick leave or self isolate. This will reduce our capacity so we appreciate your understanding 

COVID-19 Winter Assessment Hub

To help us see patients safely the Old Basing Surgery will temporarily become the Winter Assessment Centre for the North Hampshire area. That means it will be the site for seeing, assessing and treating patients with winter viruses, including Covid-19

This will allow us to continue to meet all of the needs of our other patients - for long-term conditions, immunisations, antenatal and postnatal care, contraceptive services, and cancer screening along with other routine general practice – without interruption

This change will apply across the North Hampshire area, allowing each practice (including ours) to continue to provide normal general practice care, whilst also having a safe, separate site to see and treat those patients with winter infections

All illnesses – not just Covid-19 – are important to us, and we are determined that our patients can be confident that they can get safe care, no matter what their concern 

Our GPs and Nurses will be deployed to work at the Winter Hub on a rota basis